Governance of Basic Physician Training in NSW

The training program in each network is overseen by the NSW Physician Training Council (PTC) and an individual Network Governance Committee (NGC).

NSW Physician Training Council (PTC)

The purpose of the Physician Training Council (PTC) is to promote high quality physician training by ensuring the effective functioning of the Network Governance Committees for basic physician training networks in NSW. It is also the role of the PTC to ensure equitable distribution of the trainee workforce across the training networks.

The PTC is responsible for:

  • Approving all basic physician training networks
  • Approving any additional basic physician training sites
  • Approving any additional basic physician training positions within a network
  • Evaluating the composition and numbers of trainees within all networks

The PTC also provides an opportunity for basic physician training stakeholders to be involved in the decision making processes relevant to the delivery of basic physician training in NSW. Issues are referred to the PTC by the members of the committee, by the Network Governance Committees, Network Directors of Training, the NSW Trainees’ Committee or individual trainees.

Trainees Appeal Process

If a trainee feels disadvantaged by the arrangements within a network, and this cannot be resolved by the NGC, the matter can be forwarded to the NSW PTC for review.

Physician Training Council Membership

Position Members
Physician Training Council Chair (HETI)A/Prof Tara Mackenzie
PTC Deputy Chair/Chair BPT Networks Committee/Network  Director of Physician Training representativeDr Hari Nandakoban
Clinical Lead, Advanced General Medicine Training ProgramA/Prof Aidan Foy
RACP Manager, Training OperationsMs Shalini Purohit
Local Health District RepresentativeVacant
NSW Ministry of Health RepresentativeDr Linda MacPherson
Director of Physician Education and Rural RepresentativeVacant
Physician nominated by the RACPDr Adrian Lee
NDPE RepresentativeVacant
Advanced TraineeDr Jonathan Sillar
Advanced TraineeDr Melanie Wyld
Advanced TraineeDr Jamie Cham
Basic TraineeVacant
Basic TraineeVacant

Network Governance Committees

Each network is governed by a local Network Governance Committee (NGC). It is the joint responsibility of the NGC and the relevant health services to maintain and improve the quality of basic physician training within the network, in accordance with standards and criteria set by the RACP.

Ultimately, through its work, the Network Governance Committee is responsible for the attraction, recruitment, and retention of trainees within its network. All NGCs are overseen by the NSW Physician Training Council.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the NGC?

The role of the NGC:

  • Ensure safe, high quality training for basic physician trainees through good governance and management of the Network and its training program.
  • Provide an opportunity for network stakeholders (trainees, Directors of Physician Training and administrators) to participate actively in the governance of the training network
  • Provide a forum for discussion of ideas and strategies to improve training within the network or remedy identified deficiencies at local level
  • Provide a locus of accountability for basic physician training within the network
  • Support for the Network Director of Physician Training
  • Ensure transparent and equitable network governance and management, including reporting on its operations and expenditure to NSW Health through the Physician Training Council

Meeting Frequency

The Network Governance Committee is required to meet at least once per training term (i.e. minimum four meetings per year). All meetings must have their minutes recorded. Minutes will be submitted to the NSW PTC every quarter.

The Physician Training Council will attend at least one of the Networks' scheduled meetings. The purpose of visiting the Networks is to develop the relationship between the PTC and the Networks and enhance communication. It also provides an opportunity for the PTC representatives to listen to specific trainee and training issues within the Network and allows the NGC and its members to seek more information on issues from the PTC.

Trainee Representation

Trainees play a fundamental role in the management of their training. Trainees are represented at all levels of governance in Basic Physician Training. Each NGC has trainee representatives on the RACP Trainees Committee. In addition, the PTC has four basic trainee representatives and two advanced trainee representatives. The Terms of Reference for both the NGCs and the PTC require that there is trainee representation on these committees. In addition, each clinical year the NGCs are asked to provide the names of two of their trainee representatives to participate as members of the NSW Trainees’ Committee.

NSW Trainees’ Committee

The Trainees’ Committee is run as part of the RACP and has two key functions: to run high quality events that improve the training experience of trainees and advocate on behalf of trainees. The Trainees’ Committee is also responsible for appointing three of its members as representatives of the NSW Physician Training Council.

For more information on the NSW Trainees’ Committee, please contact