Leading in uncertain times

“Times of uncertainty can often be accompanied by a sense of disorientation, a loss of control and feelings of fear.”

Individuals, teams and entire systems – such as in the case of a global pandemic – look for leadership that can steady and stay the unwanted impacts of uncertainty. Whilst the responses of those in formal, hierarchical positions of leadership are presumed upon, the practice of leadership belongs to all layers of society.

Our current climate with COVID-19 calls for leadership at every level, each day, small moments of leadership are found nestled throughout our entire health system. For the difference these moments make, we say thank you.

These tips and resources are specifically designed to support those working in NSW Health - both those in formal positions of leadership and those who are not, to practice leadership collectively to support staff and patients.

Please note that while hopefully comprehensive, new ways of being and doing will be discovered, this collection reflects leadership thinking at the present time and waits with optimistic anticipation for future learning and new meanings to emerge.

Making sense of the resources

These leadership resources have been collected and curated around the notion of how leaders (anyone wishing to practice leadership) are being and what leaders are doing during a crisis.

  • Being’ refers to the leadership characteristics individuals are choosing to display and their internal decisions about how they will show up
  • Doing’ refers to the leadership actions they choose to take