Caring for yourself and others during COVID-19

COVID-19 Recovery

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Moving forward, it will be important to maintain the benefits of working from home while still enabling employees and companies to build and sustain their social and intellectual capital. Throughout the pandemic, flexibility has become an even more important driver of workplace well-being than it already was. Even working at the office one or two days a week can provide people with the network, routine, and identity needed to support well-being. A flexible homeworking model that still affords employees opportunities to network, collaborate, and socialise in person could provide the necessary in-flows of social and intellectual capital and lead to large productivity dividends. These and other insights derived from applied well-being science can help societies build back better in the post-pandemic world."   World Happiness Report 2021, Chapter 7: Work and Well-being during COVID-19: Impact, Inequalities, Resilience, and the Future of Work

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Preparing for the 'Next normal'



COVID-19 has changed our lives – on all levels.

Plans have been disrupted, workloads impacted and social interaction restricted in order to support public health needs. In your role as a highly valued NSW Health staff member, you are at the heart of this work to keep individuals and the community safe.

Being in an evolving pandemic, the current uncertainty may contribute to increased worry and a concern as to how to sustain energy and empathy; with a potential impact on our individual feeling of wellbeing. It is important that we all take time to care for ourselves, both physically and psychologically through this time.

These webpages contain information and resources describing self-care strategies for you, your team and patients and families to support you in maintaining your sense of health and wellbeing.

Thank you for all you are doing.



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