Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 Generalist Training

The first 3 years of specialist Psychiatry training are spent undertaking Stage 1 and Stage 2 of training which is coordinated by a Training Network. After successfully completing the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry (RANZCP) Basic Training assessments, the Trainee then enters 2 years of Stage 3 training in either a Generalist or Sub-Specialty Training stream.

Joining a Network - Recruitment

Recruitment into Psychiatry training is a joint venture of NSW Local Health Districts, the Psychiatry Training Networks and RANZCP. Most trainees enter the program via the major annual recruitment process but occasionally vacancies arise during the year. For information on the annual recruitment process, contact the RANZCP and the Ministry of Health. For information on possible vacancies at other times contact the relevant network support staff.

Curriculum, Courses and Assessment

Information on the curriculum requirements for training can be found on the RANZCP site. Each Network site will provide specific information on the teaching support and program they offer to assist trainees to complete their training requirements.

Psychiatry Training Networks

Each network has the following staff:

  • Network Director of Training (NDoT) to lead and develop the program across each network.
  • Education Support Officer (ESO) to assist the NDoT, and organise and administer the Network Training Program Site.
  • Coordinators of Training (SCoT) responsible for the delivery of training at the local site.

NDoT and ESO contact details can be found on the Psychiatry Networks and Governance page.

Some networks may choose to cluster their sites under the supervision of a SCoT. Each network website will provide information on the opportunities and training programs offered in the network. Trainees are rotated to sites within the network. All trainees are required to complete a rural term to fulfil the NSW Health mandatory requirement. Most trainees nominate to complete this within their Stage 1 or Stage 2 training. Training is equally offered to metropolitan and rural sites.

All sites within the networks are accredited for training with the RANZCP.