Sub-Specialist Advanced Training

Once a trainee has satisfactorily completed the Basic Training requirements they can elect to join either Advanced Generalist Training Program or Sub-Specialist Advanced Training for their final 2 years.

Sub-Specialty areas include:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Forensic
  • Adult & Generalist
  • Old Age
  • Addictions
  • Child and Adolescent
  • Consultation-Liaison

There is one Director of Advanced Training (DoAT) for each of the areas listed above. Contact details for the DoATs can be found here.

Sub-Specialist Advanced Training Networks

Networks for Sub-Specialty Advanced Psychiatry Training in NSW are state-wide. Each network has a State Director of Advanced Training (DoAT) who is responsible for the coordination of training. The DoAT works closely with the RANZCP and the Basic and Generalist Advanced Training networks to ensure the best delivery of the curriculum for its trainees.

Joining a Sub-Specialist Advanced Training Networks

Most trainees will discuss their Advanced Training options with their local supervisors during their final year of Basic Training. Contact details for the DoATs can be found here.