HETI's Role and Network Governance

HETI and Psychiatry Training in NSW

Psychiatry Training in NSW offers trainees an extensive range of experiences and a diversity of educational training opportunities which are enabled through the Networks. These Networks offer a composition of hospitals and training sites that include RANZCP mandated training terms as well as a broad range of additional placements.

The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) has responsibility for governance of the Networked Psychiatry Training program and works closely with the health system, hospitals, colleges and doctors to ensure that the on-the-job training is the best on offer in Australia.

In NSW Psychiatry training, HETI offers trainees access to high-quality, current and self-managed online learning within and across the focus areas of:

Leadership and Management programs

HETI’s award-winning, evidence-based Leadership and Management Development programs serve to enhance the capabilities of health leaders and the effectiveness of individuals and teams. HETI’s Leadership and Management programs are founded on adult learning principles, are evidence-based and designed to reflect the environment and settings of NSW Health.

HETI Mental Health

HETI is a leader in quality mental health education and committed to making a difference in mental health. As well as online education opportunities, workshops and short courses, HETI is proud to offer postgraduate courses in Applied Mental Health Studies and Psychiatric Medicine at Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters levels.

HETI’s Higher Education programs and courses are focused on exceptional, enriched student experiences that allow you the flexibility to ’Learn your way’. See the Higher Education website for further details.

Psychiatry Program Staff and Resources

NSW Health funds several positions to support Psychiatry training in NSW at State, Network and Local Levels. HETI supports the governance and functioning of these roles within the training program. Each Psychiatry Network has the following staff:

  • Network Director of Training (NDoT), responsible for leading and developing the program across the Network
  • Education Support Officer (ESO), to assist the NDoT and organize and administer the Network Training Program Site.
  • Site Coordinators of Training (SCoT), responsible for the delivery of training at the local site.
My Health Learning

NSW Health Psychiatry trainees have access My Health Learning, the eLearning system providing high-quality, self-managed online learning for all NSW Health staff. My Health Learning includes online and face-to-face education with resources frequently added and regularly updated.

HETI provides specialised support to networks, manages reporting to the Ministry of Health, facilitates innovation, provides advice and collaborates with the RANZCP, networks and State-wide committees to ensure that the training experience is not only of high quality, but gives trainees the best experience possible.

The Psychiatry State Training Council (PSTC) exists to promote high quality Psychiatry training by ensuring the effective functioning of the Network Governance Committees (NGC) across NSW. Membership on the PSTC provides an opportunity for partners in training to influence and inform the decision-making and planning processes relevant to NSW Psychiatry training.

Each training Network has a trainee representative on the PSTC. This is a great opportunity for trainees to actively contribute to decisions and processes that enhance Psychiatry training and the experiences of Psychiatry trainees in NSW.

Matters or concerns regarding training are typically managed at the local level first, then escalated up as appropriate for management or consideration. Matters may also be directly referred to the PSTC by those involved in the NSW Psychiatry Training Program including supervisors, LHDN executives and trainees.

PSTC Meeting Dates - 2020
Thursday 12 March 2020
Thursday 11 June 2020
Thursday 10 September 2020
Thursday 3 December 2020

Each of the five Training Networks has a Network Governance or Training Committee (NGC/NTC), responsible for the delivery of Psychiatry training within its Network. The role of each NGC is to ensure trainees receive high quality teaching and supervision across the Network, including planning, coordination and allocation in line with local services and RANZCP training requirements.

NG/TCs work closely with the PSTC and the RANZCP Branch Training Committee to create and offer effective training opportunities. NGC membership includes NDoTs, Site Coordinators of Training (SCoTs), hospital administration representatives and Psychiatry program trainees. Regular meetings are held throughout the year.