Psychiatry Networks and Governance

What is a Training Network?

A training network is a group of hospitals linked for the purposes of providing training and delivering medical services across the group. The primary purpose of networks is to optimise the quality of training available at each site and to ensure equitable distribution of trainees across the network. Trainees will work in both the city and regional hospitals during their training.

Doctors registered in the Psychiatry Networked Training Program complete a minimum of 3 years of Basic Training then a further 2 years of Advanced Training in either General or Sub-Specialty programs. The RANZCP site can tell you more or visit our Basic and Advanced Training page.

Psychiatry Training Networks in NSW

There are 5 networks for Basic and Generalist Advanced Training each managed by a Network Governance Committee (NGC). There is a Network Director of Training (NDOT) appointed to manage each network in consultation with the NGC. Training networks include metropolitan and rural sites all accredited for training by the RANZCP. For additional information, please refer to the Basic and Advanced Generalist page.

  1. Hunter New England Training Network (HNET)
  2. North Sydney Central Coast Network (NSCC)
  3. Sydney West Greater Southern Network (SWaGS)
  4. South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Training Network (SESI)
  5. Sydney South West North Coast (SSWNC)

There is a State Director of Advanced Training (DoAT) appointed to each of the seven Statewide Subspecialist Advanced Training areas listed below. For additional information, please refer to the Sub-Specialist Advanced Training page.

  • Psychotherapy
  • Forensic
  • Adult & Generalist
  • Old Age
  • Addiction
  • Consultation-Liaison
  • Child & Adolescent

Psychiatry State Training Council (PSTC)

The HETI Psychiatry State Training Council (PSTC) has been established to promote high quality psychiatry training by ensuring the effective functioning of the Network Governance Committees (NGC) across NSW.

The PSTC provides an opportunity for all groups important to psychiatry training to be involved in the decision making processes relevant to the delivery of psychiatry training in NSW. Issues can be referred to the PSTC by members of the committee, by Network Directors of Training, by NGCs, by State Directors of Subspecialty Advanced Training, and by trainees (via the trainee representative in each training network).

Please refer to the PSTC Terms of Reference for additional information.

Submissions for the PSTC agenda must be sent to before the due date for consideration by the PSTC Chair.

PSTC Meeting Date Agenda Item Submissions Due:
Thursday 22 March 2018 Thursday 15 March 2018
Thursday 14 June 2018 Thursday 07 June 2018
Thursday 06 September 2018 Thursday 30 August 2018
Thursday 06 December 2018 Thursday 29 November 2018

Principles and Governance Documentation

The PSTC utilises the '2011 Principles for the Delivery of Psychiatry Training in NSW' as a guide for decision making. The Principles are supported by the accompanying Governance Structures and Processes documentation available at the same link.

PSTC Priority Areas

2013-15 PSTC Mental Health Strategic Plan is available.

An updated three year plan for the Psychiatry State Training Council will be available soon.

Network Governance Committees (NGC)

Each of the five Basic and Generalist Advanced Training networks has a Network Governance Committee (NGC) which is responsible for the delivery of psychiatry training within its network. Its role is to ensure trainees receive high quality teaching and supervision across the network with coordinated allocation to terms within the network. The NGC is also responsible for ensuring equitable distribution of trainees across the network. The NGCs work closely with the PSTC and the RANZCP NSW Branch Training Committee to provide the best training opportunities. NGCs report to the PSTC and the HETI on workforce and training issues.

Membership of the NGC includes Network Director of Training, Site Coordinators of Training, representatives from hospital administration and trainees. Meetings are held regularly during term. For additional information on specific NGC meetings, please contact the relevant network based Education Support Officer.