How are terms accredited?

Prevocational trainees can only work in terms accredited or provisionally accredited by PAC. Accredited terms are assigned with a HETI term identifier number after accreditation by PAC.

The Medical Board of Australia may consider non accredited terms completed by a provisionally registered PGY1 trainee as not counting towards general registration.

New and revised terms can only be accredited by the PAC or out of session by the Chair.

Survey teams cannot approve new or revised terms. The survey team’s role is to establish that a term is delivering the education, training and supervision outlined in the accredited term description.

The following easy steps will assist Providers to get new terms accredited.

Step 1 - Download the HETI term description template - HETI will only accept term descriptions on the current HETI term description template.

Step 2 - Complete all sections of the HETI term description template using the following resources:

Step 3 - Send the completed or revised term description to your Program Coordinator (refer to the Contact Us page).

Step 4  - HETI Staff will review the term and liaise with the Provider about any changes or clarifications required.

Step 5 –The PAC considers the term description for provisional accreditation OR the PAC Chair considers the term out of session for provisional accreditation.

Please note:When a new or amended term is approved by the Committee, the term becomes provisionally accredited. These terms will remain provisional until the Provider's next prevocational accreditation survey. A term cannot be considered for accredited status until the term has been filled by JMOs for a minimum of three terms.

Step 6 - HETI will inform the Provider of the PAC’s accreditation decision in writing.

How are terms accredited