How to become a HETI surveyor

Anyone who is either a medical practitioner or someone with current   experience in medical education and training with a strong interest in   the training of junior doctors can apply to become a HETI surveyor.

By becoming a surveyor you will be making a valuable contribution to   ensuring prevocational training in NSW is of a high standard.

Steps to becoming a surveyor:

  1. Complete a New Surveyor application form and forward it to
  2. The Chair of the Prevocational Accreditation Committee will then assess your application and correspondence will be sent notifying you of the outcome.
  3. If you are eligible, HETI will send you the following documentation:
  4. You are required to complete two online modules on My Health Learning.
    You can access the modules by searching for 'Accreditation' in the catalogue.
    Please provide proof of completion of these online modules via the certificates of completion when you submit your Surveyor Training Exercises.
  5. Submit the Surveyor Training Exercises electronically to for the Chair of the Prevocational Accreditation Committee to assess your answers.
  6. After successful completion of the Surveyor Training Exercises you will receive correspondence from HETI   advising that you can participate in a survey as a trainee team member.
  7. When you have participated in your first survey as a trainee surveyor you will receive a letter confirming your   position as a HETI prevocational accreditation surveyor.
  8. You will need to participate in at least one more survey as a full team member within the first 12 months of being accredited. After that, you will be assigned to participate in at least one survey every two years.

For information, please contact HETI Allocation, Accreditation and Faculty Unit at