Paediatric Physician Training Council

The training program in each network is overseen by the NSW Paediatric Physician Training Council (PPTC) and an individual Network Governance Committee (NGC).

NSW Paediatric Physician Training Council

The purpose of the Paediatric Physician Training Council (PPTC) is to promote high quality paediatric physician training and to encourage integration between basic and advanced training by ensuring the effective functioning of the Network Governance Committees (NGCs) for the paediatric physician training networks in NSW. The PPTC has been functioning since December 2006.

The PPTC is responsible for:

  • Approving all paediatric physician training networks
  • Evaluating the composition and numbers of trainees within all Networks
  • Approving additional training sites

The PPTC also provides an opportunity for paediatric physician training stakeholders to be involved in the decision making processes relevant to the delivery of paediatric physician training in NSW. Issues are referred to the PPTC by members of the committee, the NGCs, the Trainees’ Committee or individual trainees.