HETI and Paediatric Physician Training in NSW

The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) supports the governance of the Paediatric Physician Training program and the Networks it comprises.  This support includes collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Local Health Districts and Specialty Networks, the RACP and the broader health system to facilitate innovation, monitor and implement state-wide initiatives that enhance vocational training and education.

Paediatric Physician Program Staff

The NSW Ministry of Health funds a number of positions to support Paediatric Physician Training in NSW. HETI assists in managing the governance of this funding for strategic and operational success. Funding supports a range of initiatives, including, but not limited to training positions such as:

  • Network Director of Physician Education (NDPE)
  • Network Directors of Advanced Training (DoAT)
  • Education Support Officer (ESO)
  • Stream Coordinators for General Paediatrics, Neonatal/Perinatal and Community Child Health

Further information and contact details can be found here.

Governance of Paediatric Physician Training and Education

Governance systems for Paediatric Physician vocational training act to deliver on and manage local, network and state-wide matters at the level most appropriate for effective decision making. This two-way system sees matters raised and managed locally at a training site before escalation to the relevant Network Governance Committee. If a matter is unable to be resolved, it is escalated to the NSW Paediatric Physician Training Council (PPTC) with reporting of outcomes back to the source. Network Governance Committees and the PPTC are composed of representatives, including trainees, to support decision making, coordination, advocacy and leadership.

Trainee Appeals Process

If a trainee feels disadvantaged by the arrangements within a Network, and this cannot be resolved by the Network Governance Committee, the matter may be forwarded directly to the NSW PPTC for review.

HETI Focus Areas

HETI offers trainees access to high-quality, current and self-managed online learning within and across the focus areas of: