Extenuating Circumstances

The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) recognises that some applicants seeking a prevocational training position may have extenuating circumstances that can limit their ability to work in one or more of the prevocational training networks in NSW.  The circumstances may exist at the time of application or may develop after applications close. These applicants can apply to have their circumstances assessed for extenuating circumstances and/or change in personal circumstances.

The criteria for consideration of extenuating circumstances are limited to:

  1. The applicant requiring frequent and ongoing highly specialised medical treatment only available in certain locations and/or
  2. Separation of the applicant from a dependent during prevocational training that would have significant negative impacts on the functioning of the applicant and/or dependent, and/or
  3. The applicant going through a significant life event during prevocational training that would have significant negative impact on the applicant and/or dependent e.g. child completing HSC or child commencing school.

Applicants who believe that they have extenuating circumstances that meet the criteria(s) outlined above, can apply to have their extenuating circumstances assessed during the application process. Applicants will read and understand the extenuating circumstances procedure and all other procedures underpinning medical graduate allocation in NSW. The Extenuating Circumstances application form and supporting documentation must be uploaded on the online Prevocational Training Application program (PTAP).

Positions will only be offered when positions are available. Applicants granted extenuating circumstances or a change in circumstances are offered positions according to the relevant allocation procedure and NSW Health Priority List.

Non-guaranteed applicants – priority categories 2 to 6

It is possible that an applicant in one of the lower categories in the NSW Ministry of Health Priority List who is granted extenuating circumstances or granted change in personal circumstances may not receive a position offer in NSW, and if received may not receive an equivalent or higher preference then would otherwise have been allocated.