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HETI supports the medical workforce across NSW Health through a number of state-wide programs and initiatives (listed below) and also through our programs focused on supporting rural and remote areas such as the Rural Generalist Training Program:

Medical Intern recruitment

The HETI allocations team manages the allocation of medical graduates to intern positions across 15 prevocational training networks in NSW.

Prevocational Accreditation Program

As the accredited intern training accreditation authority for NSW, through our Prevocational Accreditation Program we ensure NSW Health training providers comply with the NSW Prevocational Education and Training Standards.

Prevocational Education Program

HETI's Prevocational Training Program  oversees the training of all prevocational trainees in their first two postgraduate years (PGY1 and PGY2) of training with the aim to promote a universally high standard of general clinical training.

Networked Vocational Training Programs

We oversee and support training and education to networked vocational training programs comprised of training networks in following areas:

The annual recruitment of Junior Medical Officers (JMOs) to new training positions across NSW Health within these networks is also coordinated by HETI.

Course delivery and events

A range of specialist and non-specialist interactive and innovative programs, forums and events are offered to support and inspire the Medical workforce.

Funds, grants and scholarships

Scholarships and grants designed for medical professionals are made available by HETI to support  continuing professional development.

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To find out more about our Medical courses and programs please see our comprehensive listing below:

Medical courses and programs