NSW Translation Research Grants Scheme (TRGS) - Research partnership

The information provided on this page is to assist NSW Translation Research Grants Scheme (TRGS) applicants who are seeking support or partnership with the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) for any education component of their proposed project.

All applicants who either mention HETI on their NSW Translation Research Grants Scheme (TRGS) application as a “supporter”, or need our endorsement, must contact us PRIOR to submitting their application.

How can HETI support your TRGS application?

HETI can advise on the design and/or development of educational components (including eLearning) of research projects where education-based interventions are included in your TRGS application.

If you are interested in understanding what is involved in developing education-based interventions to include in your TRGS Expression of Interest (EOI), or to discuss a possible partnership with HETI as part of the project, please first consider the following:

  1. Check My Health Learning for any existing state-wide educational resources already developed and available in the field of interest to avoid duplication.
  2. If your research proposal involves education that is linked to only one LHD you can request that LHD to design, develop and host eLearning content in their own local MHL folder. HETI education modules are specifically developed for multiple LHD/state-wide access.

To proceed with your request to HETI for advice, support or partnership, follow the steps outlined below for each stage of the TRGS application process.

Step 1 - Complete an online request form

Complete the "Online Request Form" to provide detailed information regarding the educational component of your proposed research project, and how you envisage that HETI can provide support.

Initial contact with HETI via the "online request form" should occur at least two months prior to the local level closing date for the TRGS EOI submission.

Online request form

Any requests for support/partnership with HETI will be considered according to:

  • How it aligns with NSW Health and HETI priorities
  • The scope of the project and availability of HETI staff to offer support for the project
  • How the planned research addresses a key gap in health profession education and quality improvement.
Step 2 - Consultation

A member of the HETI team will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss your request.

If you have further queries or require more information about the HETI support you are interested in for your research project, contact us via email at HETI-HEP@health.nsw.gov.au.

Please allow at least 5 working days for an email reply.

Step 3 - Confirmation and approval

If HETI agrees to support/partner in the proposed research project, a final signed version of the EOI must be approved by the relevant HETI senior manager prior to submitting your final TRGS EOI.

Please allow at least two weeks for the approval process once HETI acknowledges receipt of the final signed EOI.

For projects, in which HETI is listed as a partner, that are invited to progress to full TRGS application, the following steps are required to facilitate HETI's engagement in the application process.

Step 1 - Notification

Advise HETI as soon as possible of your project progressing to full application status via email to HETI-HEP@health.nsw.au. Include a copy of the project EOI and the previously submitted "Online Request Form".

Step 2 - Draft full application

Seek advice from the relevant HETI senior manager during the draft of the full application to ensure HETI's involvement is clearly identified and defined, and that HETI agrees with the proposed deliverables.

Please engage with HETI for the drafting of the full application at least one month prior to the application deadline.

Step 3 - Approval

Provide the final signed version of the full application to the relevant HETI senior manager for approval prior to the submission.

Please allow at least two weeks for HETI’s approval to be completed.

Useful tips for your application

Provide HETI with as much information regarding your research proposal as possible, especially the information pertaining to the proposed education component of your intervention. The more information we have about your project the easier the process of advising on your proposal will be.

eLearning development can be intensive work that entails financial investment, and complex technical digital and design aspects. Ensure that there are enough funds to develop an eLearning resource to full production including quality assurance testing.

We can provide an estimate of the funds required upon request, as the financial investment can vary depending on the eLearning modules’ requirements.

In the event HETI are unable to provide internal resources to your project, we are well placed to guide you in the process and can provide a list of companies who can develop eLearning or video for eLearning that meet the HETI Digital Learning Standards.

We wish you the best with your TRGS application.

Contact us

For further queries or more information, contact us via email at HETI-HEP@health.nsw.gov.au.