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Workplace Learning

Workplace learning the continuing professional development that is stimulated by and occurs through participation in workplace activities.

WPL is essential for the ongoing professional and skill development of allied health professionals in the delivery of high quality patient care. The Allied Health Portfolio has undertaken a number of initiatives aimed at engaging allied health professionals in WPL activities.

The Learning Guide is a user friendly handbook designed to provide allied health professionals with practical guidelines to facilitate clinical education and learning in the workplace. This guide provides information based upon published evidence that supports effective methods of promoting education, learning needs and professional development of allied health professionals working in clinical settings.

These templates may be useful for facilitating workplace learning:

The NSW Allied Health Workplace Learning Study: Barriers and Enablers to Learning in the Workplace

The HETI Allied Health Portfolio commissioned a research project to investigate the barrier and enablers to learning in the workplace for allied health professionals. The full article can be downloaded here.

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Barriers and enablers