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Allied Health Professional Educator Network (AHPEN)

The Allied Health Professional Educator Network (AHPEN) purpose is to provide a forum for professional support; information exchange; training and education and collaboration regarding development of clinical education resources/tools; innovative and evidence-based models and teaching strategies in allied health professional education across NSW Health.


  • To participate in two forums each year
    • Professional development to support and extend the professional educators skills & knowledge in adult education & training in the clinical setting
    • Promotes best-practice pertaining to education and professional support
    • Supportive networking opportunities for allied health professional educators
  • To lead/collaborate on projects that involves innovative education & training development for allied health professionals
  • To promote and enhance the role of allied health professional education
  • To foster and encourage the evaluation of work performed and resources developed by allied health professional educators.

Members of AHPEN meet the following criteria...

  1. Employed in a role where the main focus is the coordination and/or delivery of education and training for allied health staff that are employed by NSW Health.  The role is commonly referred to as a Professional Educator (NB - This role is distinct from Student Educators who coordinate and/or deliver education and training for students undertaking graduate or post-graduate entry level studies into an allied health career (i.e. studies leading to a degree that qualifies the student to practice in the respective allied health field).
  2. Employed by NSW Health in a Local Health District (LHD), Specialty Health Network (SHN) or Learning & Development Unit.
  3. Qualified as an allied health professional
  4. Employed at Level 5 or higher according to the NSW Health Service Health Professionals (State) Award or at an equivalent level in another award.
  5. Maybe nominated to represent their LHD/SHN by an Allied Health Director (or equivalent) if there are no professional educator positions.

Please contact the HETI Allied Health team for more information