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Cross Boundary Grant Stream

The 2022 Cross Boundary Grant stream will open from 15 July 2022 to 4 August 2022.

The Cross Boundary Grant Program was established in response to a need identified through the Workplace Learning Grant Program for professional development for groups of allied health for more than one district or network.

Eligible groups of allied health professionals and/or assistants can apply for one-off grants of up to $4000 to support access to group learning opportunities which will enhance their ability to perform in their current tole. Aboriginal Health Workers and Practitioners working in an allied health support role will be included for the purposes of this grant.

Some examples of cross boundary opportunities/activities this grant can be used for are details below:

  • Training workshops relevant to state wide groups, both discipline specific and multidisciplinary interest groups
  • Training that could impact many department to facilitate a state wide change in practice
  • Training workshops relevant to groups of AHP with an existing working relationship from more than one  district/network that have a common training need because of this working relationship


To be eligible to apply for the Program, applications must meet ALL the following criteria:

  • The group requesting the funding is predominately (at least 75%) Allied Health Professionals (AHP) and/or Allied Health Assistants (AHA) with representation from more than one district/network
  • All people in the group are currently employed by NSW Health. Consideration may be given where an established working relationship between NSW Health and non-NSW Health group members exists
  • The group is comprised of three (3) or more people. Each group must have a Key Contact Person
  • The proposed Cross Boundary (CB) activity for which the funding is sought will be completed by 30 June 2023
  • If the CB activity involves an external presenter/facilitator, a current up to date quote for the training activity or event must be attached in the application
  • Includes a description of how the training could occur in a COVID safe way if required
  • The application is supported by the Director of Allied Health from the contact person's district or network

Successful Cross Boundary Grants

Successful recipients of the Allied Health Cross Boundary Grants program are published below:

List of successful recipients from the 2021 Allied Health Workplace  Learning Professional Development and Cross Boundary Grants Program

List of successful recipients from the 2020 Allied Health Workplace Learning Professional Development and Cross Boundary Grants Program

Cross Boundary Grant Stream Evaluations for 2021

After the completion of a Cross Boundary activity, the contact persona from the team is required to complete an evaluation of the learning undertaken. The evaluation survey link and templates are provided below.

Evaluation reports for the 2021 CB stream are due by 29 July 2022 - online only via survey monkey. The 2021 evaluation guide includes a copy of the evaluation questions which may assist with completing the online evaluation report.