NSW Health Leadership and Management Education Directory

The NSW Health Leadership and Management Education Directory enables managers from all NSW Health organisations to navigate the wide range of Leadership and Management education options available for their employees.

The Directory includes a range of navigation options to enable selection of the right Leadership or Management course to meet the needs of an individual employee, a team or an organisation. The Directory is a useful resource to support organisational planning, as well as individual professional development conversations.

Courses can be selected based on factors such as:

  • clinical grouping
  • level of seniority
  • responsibilities/delegation
  • course duration
  • the type of learning modalities involved.

The Directory is compiled and released twice a year, to support organisations to identify appropriate, currently-available education options for their particular cohort of leaders and managers.

The Directory is updated in consultation with the range of NSW Health and NSW government organisations offering education opportunities to a state-wide audience, with courses currently in development also listed.