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NSW Health Leadership Framework

How the framework is used

The NSW Health Leadership Framework is designed as a catalyst for developmental change in individuals and as a scaffold for the construction of new forms of leadership in healthcare organisations committed to patient and user-centred high performance.

The framework provides an underpinning for leadership development strategies and programs in NSW Health both in reviewing existing initiatives and setting up new ones. The framework affords a basis for developmental 360-degree feedback and related tools. Importantly, the framework provides a common language and set of concepts and definitions to inform discussions about leadership in the NSW Health system.

To access a PDF of the NSW Health Leadership Framework, click here.

The Five Domains of the framework

Achieving outcomes
  • Building a common vision for future health outcomes
  • Using outcomes for patients and clients and service agreements to drive performance
  • Focusing on what makes a difference to results
  • Being accountable for performance and resources.
Developing and leading self
  • Demonstrating self-awareness
  • Actively seeking personal growth
  • Modelling desired behaviours and values
  • Taking responsibility for own performance and contribution to the service agreement.
Engaging people and building relationships
  • Facilitating effective team processes
  • Fostering the development of others
  • Harnessing talent and diversity
  • Creating workplace culture environments where people can contribute.
Partnering and collaborating across boundaries
  • Employing a collaborative approach to transforming the organisation
  • Mobilising people to undertake collaborative action for service transformation
  • Creating cross-sectoral collaborations to deliver service agreements
  • Encouraging fresh insights from diverse sources to foster innovation.
Transforming the system
  • Shaping a preferred future for health service delivery
  • Demonstrating critical and systems thinking
  • Assessing and working through resistance and other impediments to change
  • Being politically astute and building support for change.