Leadership and Management Development FAQs

Everything you need to know about our Leadership and Management Development courses and programs.

For People Management and Finance and Business Management courses:


For Leadership Development programs:

  • In most cases participants apply and are selected through a competitive selection process. For further information please contact us
  • Ring us on 02 9844 6166

Yes, you may change your course or program booking if spaces are available.

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For People Management and Finance and Business Management courses:

For Leadership Development programs:

Yes. Your My Health Learning training is linked to your stafflink number and will stay on your record as you change NSW Health organisations.

The HETI Leadership and Management Development Programs provide ongoing professional development to all NSW Health staff.

From front-line employees and emerging managers to future executives, the programs nurture, empower and support high-functioning teams.

Contact State Wide Service Desk on 1300 28 55 33 for assistance if your assessments won't load into My Health Learning.

Yes, to enrol in these courses and programs you need to be employed by NSW Health.

Our courses and programs are delivered across NSW using a range of flexible right-place, right-time methods, including:

  • virtual classrooms
  • eLearning via My Health Learning
  • webinars
  • immersion activities
  • coaching and mentoring
  • assignments
  • tutorials
  • simulation
  • strategic challenges
  • self-evaluation tools
  • videos
  • readings
  • personal reflection

Yes our Leadership and Management Development programs are evaluated.

HETI recognises that monitoring and evaluation is vital to ensure training delivery is appropriate for participants and that training achieves its intended objectives and learning outcomes. The process is underpinned by an evalution framework where data is collected and analysed in a systematic way:

  • Participant feedback surveys - measuring the extent to which a program's aims have been achieved and if any changes in participants' behaviour can be attributed to program content and activities
  • Formal evaluations - assessing the programs are appropriate for the intended audience and the quality of implementation

The Leadership and Management Development programs are state funded, delivered by HETI facilitators and available to all NSW Health staff .

Courses: A half-day or one-day workshop focusing on a specific topic of people management or finance and business management to enhance capabilities.

Courses provide opportunities to develop current knowledge and learn new skills through facilitated learning and activities.

Programs: Working with peers from across NSW Health organisations, our leadership development programs provide a wider body of learning: building skills in a range of topics, shifting attitudes and enhancing capabilities to operate effectively in the wider health system.

Programs are delivered over several months and take a deep dive into relevant areas of leadership and management, accessing a range of development modalities which may include workshops, eLearning, webinars, pre- and post-work, self-evaluation tools and workplace-focused projects.

The Medical Managers Training Program is designed to develop the financial and people management skills of all medical Staff Specialists, particularly those receiving a managerial allowance.

Lead and Leap aims to deliver a high quality, innovative, interactive and inspirational leadership program to build and develop skills for clinical leaders in medical education and training.