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StaffLink IDs

Students are given a NSW Health employee number (StaffLink ID) 13 days before their first placement in a NSW Health facility starts. StaffLink IDs are deactivated after each placement but reactivated 13 days before each subsequent placement.

Each student should only receive one StaffLink ID which will be kept for life.  NSW Health employees/volunteers/contractors who are also students, will continue to use their existing StaffLink ID for both employment and placement.

Students are emailed their StaffLink ID and a password creation link 13 days before their first placement. The email is sent to their Education Provider issued email address or the email address they registered with their Education Provider.

Students will continue to use the same StaffLink ID for life. Returning students and NSW Health staff members are not sent emails because they should already be aware of their StaffLink ID.  Returning students should assume their StaffLink ID has been reactivated 13 days before their placement.  They can test this by trying to log into My Health Learning.  If students don't remember their password, they can try resetting it via the Forgot Your Password  link (available on the password entry page).  If that doesn't work or they can't remember the answer to their secret questions, they will need to contact the State-Wide Service Desk on 1300 28 55 33 and ask them to send them a password creation/reset link.

For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions for Students page.