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Student Placement Agreement

In NSW Health, student placements are a partnership between the Local Health District/Specialty Health Network/Health Service and the Education Provider.

The Student Placement Agreement provides the legal framework for student placements.

An executed (signed) Student Placement Agreement is required between a Health Service and an Education Provider to establish a student placement. The Health Service and Education Provider are required to use the NSW Health Student Placement Agreement template when executing Agreements.

Agreements must be with the Health Service and not a specific facility, service or agency within a Health Service.

Agreements must be established prior to any placement commencement and have a duration of up to five years.

Local SPAs are to be in accordance with the NSW Health SPA template.

Student Placement Agreement Templates

Student Placement Agreement  [pdf]

Student Placement Agreement [word]

Entering into a Student Placement Agreement

In order to organise student placements in NSW Health facilities, the Education Provider needs to approach a health service agency to establish a Student Placement Agreement between both parties. The Student Placement (ClinConnect) Coordinator is the first point of contact.  The NSW Health Map will assist to find the correct health service and Coordinator to contact.  Separate Agreements need to be held with each health entity an education provider wishes to partner with for student placements.

Once a Student Placement Agreement has been signed, the Education Provider then needs to contact HETI Student Placements to gain access to the ClinConnect System.  The ClinConnect System will show the Education Provider available capacity for student placements and provide a mechanism for booking placements. Students do not receive access to ClinConnect.

For further information, please visit the Placement Process.

Please note: students from overseas must be enrolled or affiliated with an Australian Education Provider in order to commence a placement in a NSW Health facility.