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There are 5 elements in this self assessment. This is made up of a series of questions from each of these elements. Examples can be found under the ‘I’ icon.

After rating yourself, you will have the opportunity   to complete the following questions:

  • What action do you need to take?
  • What will the time-frame be?
  • Who will be responsible for this action?

This colour key provides a quick reference to the action level required based upon your selections.
Good, continue || Good, but can be improved || Needs attention || Needs to be addressed as a priority

Thank you for completing the Self Assessment Checklist. A summary of your responses and suggested action plan will be sent to your inbox shortly.

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What will the timeframe be?Who will be responsible for this action?What action do you need to take? Your details1 - Organisational structures element2 - Leadership element3 - Resource allocation element4 - Patient driven element5 - Clinician focussed element

Ensure all parts are completed prior to proceeding

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