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FAQs for students

Frequently Asked Questions for students

  • Compliance and verification
  • StaffLink IDs and emails
  • Accessing My Health Learning and completing modules

Contact your Education Provider to find out the process for getting your documents verified as each Local Health District/Specialty Health Network (Health Service) has a slighly different process.  (Compliance documents are generally not sent to HETI.)  You should allow at least a couple of weeks to get the results of your assessment from the time you submit your documents. Documents are usually verified and processed in the order that they are received.

The NSW Health staff who verify student documents are extremely busy.  They also normally verify students in the order that the documents were received.  If you haven't heard anything back after a significant period of time and you have double checked your email account that you sent the documents from (and junk mail) then you should contact your Education Provider to discuss.  They can also look to see whether your compliance information has been entered into the ClinConnect system.

No, students are not required to have a First Aid Certificate or Working with Children's Check to attend a placement in NSW Health.

It is only the Health Protection documentation that needs to be verified during first year (not Police checks or the Code of Conduct).  This is to identify compliance issues early that could impact you being able to attend a placement later and therefore being able to complete your course.  The exception to this is where students are studying a double degree and where the 'health' part of the degree falls later in the course. E.g: a student studying a Bachelor of Arts/Social Work could either be verified during their final year of Arts (2nd year university) or their first year of Social Work which is technically the 3rd year of University but the first year of studying a health occupation.

Yes.  NSW Health staff need to re-sign the NSW Health Code of Conduct and have their Health Protection documents reassessed.  Existing staff are not required to purchase a Police Check.  These students can send a coloured copy of their NSW Health employee ID and student ID cards to HETI who will be able to enter their NSW Health police check details into ClinConnect.

SONIA and INPLACE and other Student Systems are systems that belong to your Education Provider - they are not NSW Health systems.  You will need to contact your Education Provider.

Students who choose to change their name need to prove that they are the 'same' person.  Students can either provide a copy of their change of name / marriage certificate or purchase a new police certificate in their new name. The documents will need to be verified by NSW Health.

Students don't have access to ClinConnect and compliance documents are not stored in the ClinConnect system.  Please contact your Education Provider to find out the process for having your documents verified.  If your Education Provider is unsure of the process, they can contact HETI.

Yes. You can re-submit the same documentation (with your new student ID card) as long as it is still valid.

No. You will be re-verified again as part of the employment process.  You should keep copies of your vaccination record card and serology before submitting them for assessment as a student AND staff member.  If you have lost it, contact your Education Provider to see if they are able to help track it down.

Contact your Education Provider. They can look up your details in ClinConnect.

No, you don't need to be re-verified before every placement if you are already Compliant.  However you will need to be re-verified if your police check/dTpa/HepB/TB expires or you need to provide evidence of an annual influenza vaccination.  In these cases, you usually only need to supply the new/updated information.

As per NSW Health policy, you may be asked to get a new police check within the 5 year period because:

- you purchased your police check earlier than October 2018 (the new policy allowing for 5 year police checks was implemented in January 2019.  Before this, police checks were only valid for 3 years.

- you are attending a placement in an Aged Care Funded or National Disability Insurance Scheme Funded service

- your police check is due to expire before the end date of your placement - police checks must be valid for the entire duration of the placement.  This means that if you have a placement that goes from March - December and your police check is due to expire in November, you will be required to get a new police check before you start in March.

Contact your Education Provider.  They can look up your StaffLink ID on your ClinConnect profile.

No, you will continue to use your existing StaffLink ID.  If you do by accident receive a 2nd StaffLink ID, contact HETI.

Emails cannot be resent as they are automated.  If you know your StaffLink ID, the My Health Learning URL and know that you can contact the State-Wide Service Desk (1300 28 55 33) for your password, you have everything you need for logging into My Health Learning - this is all the information that would have been contained in the email.

Things to consider as to why/why not you did not receive the email:

 Have you got a placement starting in 13 days or are you currently on a placement? Has your Education Provider assigned you to the placement? (You will need to check with them about this.)

 Is your placement in a NSW Health facility? (Private hospitals are not part of NSW Health, therefore you won't receive an email.)

 Are you a NSW Health employee?  If yes, you will continue to use your existing StaffLink ID and password and you will already have access to My Health Learning.  You will not receive an email because you already have access to NSW Health systems.

 Is this your first ever placement in NSW Health?  Have you received the email before?

*Sometimes emails are not sent for 2nd/3rd etc placements for various reasons.

 Have you checked the correct email account? The email will be sent to the email address that has been entered for you in ClinConnect. This will most likely be an email address given to you by your Education Provider or the one you registered to use with them.

 Have you checked your junk mail folder?

If you've considered all of the above, then you can try these steps:

 Find your StaffLink ID (it will be the same one you've used before).  If you can't remember it or have never been issued one before, contact your Education Provider as they should be able to look it up for you in ClinConnect.  If you do not have a StaffLink ID, then this is a different issue altogether.

 Contact the State-Wide Service Desk on 1300 28 55 33 and ask them to send you a password creation/reset link.  If you have logged into My Health Learning before, you might be able to change your password yourself via the Forgot Your Passwork link available on the Password Entry page of My Health Learning.

 With your StaffLink and password, attempt to log into My Health Learning.

 If that doesn't work, contact the State-Wide Service Desk on 1300 28 55 33.

Every person in NSW Health (student/employee/contractor/volunteer) should only have one StaffLink ID.  Contact HETI to have your StaffLink IDs merged and the duplicate terminated.

No, you will continue to use the same StaffLink ID.

You need to make sure that the details you are entering are the ones shown in the email sent to you with your StaffLink ID and password link. For example, if your email includes your first and middle name then you need to enter your first and middle name as your first name in the online form.  If you have no legal first name, then you need to enter a fullstop in the first name field.  Make sure that you are entering your date of birth in the DD/MM/YYYY format.  If your Education Provider has entered your details incorrectly, then you will need to contact HETI.  HETI will require a copy of your student ID card and police check to update your details.

Students do not have access to the NSW Health StaffLink (Human Resources) System. Students need to log into the My Health Learning system to complete their mandatory training.

No, you do not need to repeat them even if you're attending a placement in a different hospital or Local Health District/Specialty Health Network.  However, if it has been more than 5 years since you last completed Hand Hygiene, then you will need to repeat it.

No, you do not need to repeat them.  However, if it has been more than 5 years since you last completed Hand Hygiene, then you will need to repeat it.

No, you only need to complete the 5 modules that students are required to complete.

This is the same for everyone - you can still complete the Hand Hygiene module even though it has 'expired'.

You need to search for the module in the My Health Learning catalogue.  Once you find it, click Enrol and then Play.

Note: only Nursing, Midwifery and Medicine students have access to an eMR training module in My Health Learning.

Students ONLY have access to the 5 mandatory training modules and Respecting the Difference in My Health Learning (and the eMR training module for Nursing and Midwifery and Medicine students).  Students do not have access to these modules in My Health Learning.  Students are able to complete these modules on the HETI Moodle site.

Students only have access to the 5 mandatory training modules, Respecting the Difference and the eMR training modules (Nursing, Midwifery and Medicine).  You won't be able to find and complete any other modules in My Health Learning.

Unfortunately no.  Accounts are only activated around the time of your placement.

Ideally, you should download and keep copies of your module completion certificates whilst you have access to My Health Learning during the time of your placement.  If you haven't done this, you can email HETI.

Contact the State-Wide Service Desk on 1300 28 55 33.  They will be able to tell you whether you have an active account and if not, what to do about it.

You need to contact your Education Provider and ask them to book the placement on your behalf.  All placements need to be booked and managed through the NSW Health placement system, ClinConnect.