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Student Compliance

Before a student can commence a clinical placement in a NSW Health facility, students must complete the following mandatory requirements.

1. National Police Check (PD2019_003)

  • Must be obtained from an Australian State or Territory Police Force, the Australian Federal Police, or an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited body only.
  • National criminal record checks are valid for five years since the date of issue.
  • Overseas students are required to provide a National Police Check from their home country or any country they have resided in since turning 18 years of age.  If they cannot provide this police check, they can sign the Overseas Student Statutory Declaration.
  • If a charge or conviction is listed on the National Police Check, then students must apply for a risk assessment.
  • Students attending placements in Commonwealth subsidised aged care facilities and organisations registered as National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) service providers, may be subject to further requirements including having to sign the Aged Care Statutory Declaration.
  • National police check frequently asked questions

2. NSW Health Code of Conduct (PD2015_049)

3. Health and Immunisations (PD2018_009)

  • Undertake immunisations as per policy.
  • Complete the Health Declaration (Attachment 6) and Tuberculosis Assessment Form (Attachment 7) - available at the back of the policy directive.
  • Immunisation frequently asked questions.

When do students need to get their compliance documentation verified?

Students must be compliant (or temporarily compliant*) before their first placement.  Students must be compliant for the entire duration of their clinical placement.  If students do not meet these requirements then their placements will be cancelled.

*See the Clinical Placements in NSW Health Policy Directive for the definition of Temporary Compliance.

How do students get their compliance documents verified?

NSW Health verify student compliance documentation.  Students can contact their Education Provider to find out the process for getting their documents verified.