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Compliance Assessments

Students must be compliant (or temporarily compliant*) before their first placement.  Students must be compliant for the entire duration of their placement.  Students who are Not Compliant or who's Police Check will expire before the end date of the placement will have their placement cancelled 7 days before it is due to start.

*See the Clinical Placements in NSW Health Policy Directive for the definition of Temporary Compliance.

NSW Health is responsible to verify student compliance documentation.  Each Local Health District / Specialty Health Network has a different process for verifying student compliance documents.  Students must contact their Education Provider to find out the specific process for them.  If students have a question about their compliance status or the documentation that they submitted for assessment, they should also contact their Education Provider.

The ClinConnect system only records a student's compliance status (entered by NSW Health). Compliance documentation is not uploaded into ClinConnect by the student, Education Provider or NSW Health.

If students are emailing compliance documentation to NSW Health, it MUST come from their Education Provider issued email address or the one they have registered with their Education Provider.  All documents MUST be scanned in colour. Students MUST also provide their student ID card for each verification assessment.

For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions for Students page.