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StaffLink IDs, My Health Learning, eMR/PowerChart/CHOC

Students are given a NSW Health employee number (StaffLink ID) 14 days before their first clinical placement starts.  StaffLink IDs are deactivated 14 days after each clinical placement but are then reactivated 14 days before each subsequent placement.  Each student should only receive one StaffLink ID which will be kept for life.  NSW Health employees who are also students, will continue to use their existing StaffLink ID for both employment and placement.

Students are emailed their StaffLink ID and a password creation link 14 days before their first clinical placement.  The email will be sent to their Education Provider issued email address or the email address they registered with their Education Provider.

Students will continue to use the same StaffLink ID for life.  If a student is returning for a placement and does not receive an email, then they can assume that their StaffLink ID has been reactivated (as there are a few reasons that emails may not be sent).  They can test this by trying to log into My Health Learning - they may need to reset their password via the Forgot Your Password  link (available on the password entry page) first.  if this doesn't work, students will need to contact the State-Wide Service Desk on 1300 28 55 33 and ask them to resend them a password creation/reset link.

Current employees who become students, will not receive an email with their StaffLink ID and password creation link.  This is because they are already have access to NSW Health systems.

Whilst on placements, students must comply with relevant policies, guidelines and procedures.  Relevant policy directives may identify a mandatory training requirement applicable to students.  Students must complete their mandatory training in accordance with these policy directives where relevant to their level of supervision / exposure to patients.

The e-Learning modules are available in the 'My Health Learning' system.  Students will use their StaffLink ID to log into the My Health Learning system.  Access to My Health Learning is granted 14 days before the placement starts and terminated 14 days after the placement ends.  Access is reactivated for each subsequent placement.  Students only have access to a few modules in My Health Learning.  The modules are:

  • Hazardous Manual Tasks
  • Privacy Module 1 - Know your boundaries
  • Introduction to Work Health and Safety
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Between the Flags - Tier 1 (Awareness Charts and Escalation)
  • Cyber Security Fundamentals

The modules only need to be completed once except for Hand Hygiene which needs to be repeated every 5 years - students do not need to repeat the modules for every placement.  NSW Health employees or students changing Education Providers, do not need to repeat the modules if they have already completed them, unless Hand Hygiene has expired.

Students DO NOT have access to any of the Infection Control or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) modules in the My Health Learning system.  Students can access these modules on HETI Moodle.

Students having trouble logging into the My Health Learning system will need to contact the State-Wide Service Desk on 1300 28 55 33 and ask them to send them a change password link.

Students should download and save copies of their certificates once they have completed the modules in My Health Learning.  This will be important for later when applying for employment.

Nursing and Midwifery and Medical students are also able to complete the eMR training modules in My Health Learning.  Students will need to search for these modules in the catalogue of the My Health Learning system as they will not be displayed on the My Health Learning home page.

Students may be given access to eMR/PowerChart/CHOC and other clinical systems whilst on a placement in NSW Health.  Access to these systems is not automatically provided and each Local Health District/Specialty Health Network (LHD/SHN) has a different process for providing students with access.  There are different request access forms to complete and some LHD/SHNs may require the eMR training module (Nursing, Midwifery and Medicine) to be completed before access will be granted.  It is best to contact the LHD/SHN's ClinConnect Coordinator to find out the process for getting students access to eMR etc.

Students will likely use their StaffLink ID and password to log into eMR and other clinical systems.

NSW Health employees will need to find out the process for obtaining a student eMR account whilst continuing to use their existing StaffLink ID.

Access will only be available whilst on placement.  Students need to contact the State-Wide Service Desk on 1300 28 55 33 if they are having trouble accessing any of these systems.