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E-Learning for Students

Mandatory Training

Whilst on placements, students must comply with relevant policies, guidelines and procedures.  Relevant policy directives may identify a mandatory training requirement applicable to students.  Students must complete their mandatory training in accordance with these policy directives where relevant to their level of supervision / exposure to patients.

The e-Learning modules are available in the 'My Health Learning' system.  Students will automatically be provided with a StaffLink ID fourteen days before their clinical placement which they will use to log into My Health Learning to complete the eLearning modules.  Access to My Health Learning will be terminated fourteen days after the end of each placement.  Access is reactivated for each subsequent placement.

EMR Training

Nursing and Midwifery students are also able to complete the module titled 'Overview of the eMR for Nursing and Midwifery Students'.

Login to My Health Learning

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