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Clinical Placements

Clinical placements are a requirement for courses in a number of health-related disciplines including medicine, dentistry and oral health, nursing and midwifery, allied health and other discipline areas aligned to clinical services.

Clinical placements are organised by the Education Provider (University, TAFE, College) and booked and managed in the NSW Health ClinConnect system.  Clinical placements are for students who are enrolled in an Australian Education Provider and who are working towards a health related occupation.

Clinical Placement Principles

For students to attend clinical placements in NSW Health public health facilities, the following must be met.

  1. A Student Placement Agreement (SPA) [pdf] must be in place between the Health Service and the Education Provider. Student Placement Agreement [word]
  2. Students must be compliant with NSW Health policy regarding National Police Checks, NSW Health Code of Conduct and Health & Immunisations.
  3. The placement will be entered and managed in ClinConnect.

Clinical Placement Policy

Clinical placements in NSW Health are governed by the: