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Mandatory Training for Medical Officers

Completing your mandatory training helps you to keep your patients, yourself and your workplace safe and meet your responsibilities as a NSW Health employee or contractor.

HETI is continually looking to reform and improve the mandatory training experience for medical officers. Between 2015 and 2017 HETI and the Ministry of Health reviewed medical officer mandatory training requirements and used behavioural insights principles to update content and streamline modules.

The Mandatory Training Challenge Test for Medical Officers was developed as part of this review. If successfully completed, your My Health Learning account will autocomplete for several mandatory training modules.

Medical officer mandatory training requirements continue to change over time. This is to ensure that mandatory training remains contemporary and responsive to policy changes across the system.

The Mandatory Training Standing Committee (MTSC) has governance over mandatory training for all NSW Health staff including medical officers. All medical officer training requirements have been endorsed by the MTSC.

Click on the links below to access current medical officer mandatory training requirements.

Mandatory Training Requirements