District HETI Statewide Training Requests

The Health Education & Training Institute (HETI) is responsible for developing education and training resources that meet the needs of the NSW Health workforce. As an organisation, HETI aims to be responsive and innovative, developing cross-disciplinary programs and profession specific programs when required that support statewide priorities. This is done through the development of strong partnerships that respond to identified needs.

The District HETI Statewide Training Request process is the method that staff from NSW Health can follow to nominate online education and training needs. These requests would be considered for development by District HETI for inclusion on My Health Learning.

The new District HETI Statewide Training Request process includes the following five stages:

Stage 1 – High level preliminary applications from all LHD/SHNs submitted to HETI via an online request form.

Stage 2 – Training needs results from Stage 1, organised and themed by HETI.

Stage 3 – Advisory groups/panels will review all applications using the HETI statewide learning assessment rubric. These groups will provide additional information to support and identify high priority training requests.

Stage 4 – Feedback will be provided for all applications. The priority learning requests reviewed by the advisory groups will be themed and returned to the LHD/SHNs for second stage prioritisation and enable expansion, identify subject matter experts within the LHD/SHN that may wish to be engaged with the subject, and relevant local training resources to be identified that will inform the end product. LHD/SHNs will submit final expanded submissions.

Stage 5 – The District HETI Priority Education Review Committee will meet to review and nominate final decisions for selection.

Timeline for 2023


7 February 2023

Open first round request process

3 March 2023

Close first round request process

13 – 24 March 2023

Requests reviewed by the advisory groups/panels

3 – 24 April 2023

Themed, nominated requests sent to LHD/SHNs for second round process

8 May 2023

District HETI Education Priority Review Committee meets to review and nominate final decisions for selection


There is no limit to the number of Stage 1 applications submitted.

Submission requests should come from all areas of the LHD and SHN including Medical, Nursing & Midwifery, Allied Health, Aboriginal Health and Learning and Development departments.

The key areas that the application will be assessed on are:

  • Description of the learning need
  • Justification of priority, impact and relevance
  • Alignment with statewide strategic plans and local performance agreement outcomes
  • Impact on workforce practice improvement
  • Value to the community of patients or clients.

The full rubric is available for download here.

Please send your questions to this email address: HETI-LHD-Priority-Requests@health.nsw.gov.au

This will be an annual request process.

December to February is the best time to apply (see timeline for application closing date). However, out of session requests will be considered throughout the year where significant need has been identified.

  1. Please describe the learning need
  2. Please identify the target audience
  3. Please describe why this is a priority
  4. How could this training improve practice?
  5. How could this training benefit patients or clients of NSW Health?
  6. How does this training improve local performance agreement outcomes?
  7. Which strategic priorities or plans does this training need align with?
  8. Describe how this training need aligns to current statewide plans or priorities

How to apply?

Please use this form to complete your application.