Development Process

A collaborative approach underpins the rapid deployment of eLearning modules

The District HETI Operational Model provides the means for the rapid development of education and training resources for staff across NSW Health.

The model encourages system-wide collaboration and partnership, bringing together stakeholders who have traditionally been involved in developing education and training - in particular the Local Health Districts and Specialty Health Networks (knowns as the Districts) and the Pillars of NSW Health. The model provides a number of benefits to Districts including:

  • access to evidence-based, contemporary education and training resources
  • rapid development of education and training programs responding to local and statewide priorities
  • greater ability to achieve standardisation
  • elimination of unnecessary duplication
  • lifting some of the burden of development from individual Districts
  • significant expansion of resources available to Districts
  • professional development of District HETI staff in contemporary learning modalities including eLearning.

The District HETI Operational Model is based on collaboration, integration and the achievement of statewide standards. Through an equitable contribution of resources by the districts, the partnership model establishes an ongoing working relationship between HETI and the Districts to deliver quality education and training to meet state and district needs.

The essential feature of this model is that team members remain employed by their District and continue to work locally, while being part of a statewide educational service to the NSW public health system. They are able to share and grow their expertise in the development of cutting-edge resources for the health workforce.

The work of Project Teams in District HETI is determined by the education and training needs identified within the Districts and prioritised by the District HETI Priority Review Committee every six months.

Project Teams, with members based in locations across the state, mostly operate as ‘virtual teams’ to develop education resources. They work with a reference group, subject matter experts and an eLearning developer to produce an education and training.

Heather Gray, former HETI Chief Executive says the approach also empowers LHDs, SHNs and NSW Health pillars to focus on their core businesses.

“By relying on the expertise of each health organisation, we are able to quickly deploy the eLearning modules. In the process, we have improved working relationships by building on trust and interdependence.”

NSW Health staff can make District HETI enquiries via SARA - Customer Service Portal.