2012 Annual Report


The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) was formed as a new Statutory Health Corporation on 2 April 2012 with a wide remit to coordinate education and training for the NSW public health system. HETI pursues excellence in health education and training and workforce capability to improve the health of patients and the working lives of NSW Health staff. HETI has delivered some significant achievements in a relatively short timeframe while continuing to manage a wide range of programs and resources to support training for medical interns, generalists and specialists, nursing and midwifery professionals, allied health professionals, rural and remote clinicians and other health workers.

HETI works in collaboration and partnerships with the Local Health Districts (LHD) and Specialty Networks (SN), our fellow Pillar agencies and a wide range of stakeholders in the delivery of quality evidence based training. HETI has developed a District HETI Operational Model as a process to manage the collaborative work of identifying and delivering priority education and training for LHDs and SNs.

HETI has been tasked as a priority to develop leadership – in particular senior leadership – within the NSW public health system. To this end HETI has produced a Leadership Discussion Paper and undertaken a consultation process to develop a range of leadership programs, starting with the Clinicians and Executive Team Leadership (CETL) Program for hospital leadership teams.

Other major achievements have included an organisational Governance review and preparation for a restructure as HETI begins to set up the organisation needed to deliver on its full range of functions while managing record numbers of applicants for intern training places and accrediting more training places.

HETI has enhanced the access and management of education and learning opportunities across the State (including rural and remote) through the development of a state-wide learning management system (LMS) and the promotion of simulated learning environments and interdisciplinary clinical training.

Some of HETI's major achievements in the period 2 April to 30 June 2012 include:

  • Developed the District HETI Education and Training Operational Model
  • Developed a Leadership Discussion Paper and senior team leadership program
  • Conducted a Governance Review and preparation for a restructure
  • Managed record numbers of applicants for intern training places and accredited 50 more GP training places
  • Enhanced the delivery of training in over 22 specialist training networks across NSW
  • Established Interdisciplinary Clinical Training Networks (ICTN) across NSW
  • Produced Get Ready! – a multidisciplinary training program for medical, nursing and allied health pre-graduates to improve teamwork and communication
  • Implemented Rural and remote GP procedural and rural generalist training and achieved 79 rural and remote participants in rural leadership programs
  • Developed educational resources for Allied Health – the Superguide and Learning Guide, best practice governance framework for training, and research into barriers and enablers of workplace learning
  • Developed a Nursing and Midwifery Superguide for the supervision of Nursing and Midwifery trainees

HETI Corporate Governance Attestation Statement 2011-2012

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