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Next Gen

HETI is pleased to announce that the latest cohort from our Next Generation of Leaders and Managers within NSW Health Program have successfully graduated.

Designed to develop demonstrated leadership and management capabilities, this two year program has once more offered the chance for its participants to grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

“The Next Generation of Future Leaders and Managers within NSW Health Program has provided me a platform from which I can dream more, learn more and do more to achieve my professional goals and improve the health and wellbeing of the people of NSW,” said Reema Randhawa, one of the 21 participants who graduated this September.

“The program provided me with support, guidance and direction to pursue my passion and streamlined my efforts on the leadership path.”

Tasked with various engaging projects, modules and workshops to attend throughout the course, participants reported that it was the overall experiential learning that has left a lasting impact.

“The Program was a very rewarding experience for me. It empowered me with the tools and concepts to be an effective leader in NSW Health,” said Marco Chan, another recent graduate.

“The emotional intelligence module resonated with me the most. This module helped me build better practices around self-awareness and regulation of my emotional states, and also helped me reflect on the importance of applying empathy to workplace conversations.”

We are sure that the valuable individual experiences of each graduate will go toward building better cultures within their workplaces and help to ensure the delivery of safe, high quality health care to patients, families, carers and communities.

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