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Emergency Medicine Training

The Emergency Medicine Training Networks have been established to facilitate high quality patient care and provide access to high quality education and training for trainees.

2019 Emergency Medicine Trainee Conference

Tuesday 12 November 2019
Liverpool Hospital

Save the Date Flyer for the 2019 Emergency Medicine Trainee Conference

The annual Emergency Medicine Trainee Conference supplements the education and training of NSW Emergency Medicine trainees by providing presentations and workshops on topical emergency department issues.

Training Events

Neurological Emergencies and Management Optimisation (NEMO) Day
Tuesday 21 May 2019
Auditorium, Education Centre - Liverpool Hospital
This training day is open to all NSW Emergency Medicine trainees.

There are five Emergency Medicine Networks for around 600 ACEM registered Emergency Medicine trainees in NSW; each with between 60-120 trainees spread over 6 to 10 hospitals. Each network has a Network Director of Training, Co-Network Director of Training and an Education Support Officer.

Emergency Medicine Network Contacts

The Emergency Medicine State Training Council (EMSTC) provides oversight of the network training program in NSW. The EMSTC was established in 2010 and includes representation from Emergency Medicine physicians, the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM), NSW Health, Local Health Districts (LHDs) and HETI.

EMSTC Membership

Dr Jon Hayman (Chair)
Dr Reza Ali
Dr Nicholas Lelos
Dr Cameron Dart
Dr Fenton O’Leary
Ms Lyn Johnson
Ms Tamara Lee
Ms Carla Brogden

Useful Links

NSW Emergency Medicine Recruitment Map

NSW Emergency Medicine Training Surveys

2020 Clinical Year Recruitment

Information regarding JMO Recruitment for 2020 will be made available on the JMO Recruitment website when it becomes available.

The Emergency Medicine Recruitment Map is a useful tool to assist you locate NSW hospitals where you can do your Emergency Medicine training. Further information on each hospital is provided within this link.

For information on Emergency Medicine Fellowship and selection into training, please visit the ACEM website.

Selection into Training Flyer

Emergency Medicine Resources

11 ED e-Learning Modules

ED e-Learning Modules are available on My Health Learning.  Topics covering common Emergency Department presentations include:  Chest Pain, CXR, Pulmonary Embolism, Cognitive Bias, Lower Limb Injuries, Renal Colic, Upper Limb Injuries, Tachyarrhythmia, Wound Repair, In Charge - The Paradigm, Silver Trauma.  To access these modules:

  • Please search Diagnosis and Treatment in the Emergency Department on the My Health Learning website.

Emergency Medicine Clinical Updates

Primary Exam Preparation (PEP) Modules

Primary Exam Preparation (PEP) Modules covering Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology and Pathology are available on My Health Learning. To access these modules:

  • Please search Emergency Medicine Primary Exam Preparation on the My Health Learning website.

Anatomy Models

Fellowship Exams

For information on how to prepare for the ACEM Primary and Fellowship Exams, including exam dates, exam locations, how to apply and how to prepare for the exams, please click here.

NSW FELLOWSHIP COURSE REGISTRATION (to receive the Fellowship Course timetable)

OSCE Resources

OSCE (Epipen Instructions)

OSCE (Distressed Registrar)

OSCE (Colles Fracture)

OSCE (Disaster Prep)