HETI supporting the COVID-19 response

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HETI continues to support the Ministry of Health and Local Health Districts COVID-19 response teams.

Teams across HETI continue to work in partnership with the Ministry of Health in the Public Health Response Branch assisting with the onboarding of new teams for Contact Tracing; Case Interview and Venue Risk Assessment work.

HETI has developed a number of new support resources for general onboarding and for team and role specific duties / functions. This includes new resources for the teams in Ministry of Health who orientate new staff from both external sources and within Health with a varying degree of existing knowledge on case interviewing, referral, and data entry processes.

Resources include:

  • Welcome to NSW Health
  • Welcome to the Public Health Response Branch
  • Introduction to difficult conversations
  • Difficult conversations part two, de-escalation strategies and supporting through change
  • COVID-19 essentials
  • Public Health Response Branch key terms
  • Tapping into emotional intelligence
  • Public Health Response Branch Health Lead role orientation
  • System orientation – NCIMS
  • Workflow documentation
  • Case Interview example filmed (pre-recorded resource produced for Moodle)
  • Train the trainer guide
  • Essentials to effectively lead & manage teams
  • Welcome to the Public health response work – information for staff in PHUs
  • Venues management team – suite of resources to support roles and functions
  • Privacy and Confidentiality – your responsibilities
  • Pod Lead role
  • Call-centre resource
  • COVID-19 Case Assessment System (CCAS) articulate-rise module
  • Short support resources for leading and managing teams: Leading & managing teams; Giving Feedback; Motivating teams