Developing communication skills for virtual care delivery

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New microlearning modules demonstrating best practices in communicating and initiating virtual care

Clinicians play an important role in building positive messaging around virtual care. These conversations often take place or are initiated in everyday clinical settings. Clinicians can promote the benefits of virtual care to enable consumers to make informed choices and build confidence in the use of virtual care to enhance healthcare.

Communication is key for clinicians to provide positive virtual care experiences and to communicate in ways that are appropriate and respectful of consumers' individual needs and care requirements.

Virtual care also requires clinicians to adapt communication strategies they may typically use within in-person consultations. They may need to apply practical strategies to build rapport and create trust between themselves and the patient.

Based on the competencies identified in the HETI  NSW Health Virtual Care Education Framework 2022 – 2026, two new Virtual Care microlearning modules have been developed by the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) in partnership with the Agency for Clinical Innovation, Clinical Excellence Commission, Local Health Districts and consumer representatives.

These modules provide best practice examples and practical strategies in communicating and initiating virtual care.

Introducing virtual care in consumer conversations (Course code: 487521515)

This 10-minute microlearning module includes two short videos that simulates how clinicians can have positive conversations with consumers and their carers about virtual care – including how it is used and consumer choices and options.

Establish a confident telepresence in a virtual care environment (Course code: 487522974)

A confident telepresence is essential to delivering virtual care. This 10-minute microlearning can help clinicians establish a confident telepresence and initiate an engaging, effective and safe virtual care session.

These modules are now available on My Health Learning.