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Scenarios to Support the Superguide

The scenarios are an educational tool developed by the Nursing and Midwifery Portfolio, in partnership with Health Workforce Australia. The scenarios support the clinician in understanding the principles of effective clinical supervision. There are eight scenarios, four of these have been dramatised into vignettes. The varying core elements showcased are common to sound, evidence-based supervision of nursing and midwifery professionals in a clinical setting.

It is intended that the scenarios and vignettes are utilised:

*  for personal education

*  as teaching vignettes

*  in discussion groups.

The real life experience of a young nurse has been captured which will prompt discussion, generate ideas and reflections.

The selected stories about supervision will invite responses and stories from readers. Reflecting on the learning principles and sharing those reflections and experiences will also assist in the continual support and growth of all who are on this journey of professional development in clinical supervision.

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