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Radiation Safety and communication


Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging departments pose many potential risks to the health professionals working within or travelling through them. Staff who are unfamiliar with the radiation environment may not be aware of the safety protocols that they should be following. A large focus of this simulation is on effective team communication. Appropriate communication within the radiation environment is vital in order to ensure that the radiation/imaging staff are not distracted while providing treatment and that the patient receives the prescribed treatment/procedure. Sound communication will ensure that the environment remains safe for both the patient and other professionals working within the area. Participants will learn of the link between the two. This simulation can be conducted in a multi-purpose room, a simulation centre or a live radiation environment. It can be individually and co-facilitated and is easily attached to an orientation program.

Supporting documents

Overview of the simulation
Simulation Scenario Development
Simulation Activity Running Sheet
Session Plan
Participant Briefing Notes
Participant Briefing Notes (Students)
Simulated Patient Briefing Notes
Radiation Therapist Briefing Notes
Radiation Safety and Communication Presentation