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Sim Guide: Allied Health scenarios, templates and tips for simulation based education


The Sim Guide: Allied Health scenarios, templates and tips for simulation based education is a user-friendly resource which provides information on conducting simulation based education in clinical settings. The resource covers information on simulation theory and practical tips for educators.


NSW Health employees can access a free-of charge electronic copy of The SIM Guide by emailing us from your NSW Health email address to

Non NSW Health employees are able to purchase a hard copy of The Sim Guide for $35 using your credit card, please call HETI Finance on +61 2 9844 6155*

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Five allied health specific simulations have been developed with supporting documentation including session plans, PowerPoint slides and briefing notes. Follow the link to access the supporting documentation of the relevant simulation.

These simulations may be adapted to reflect local contexts.


Clinicians and educators may find the following templates useful in the development of simulation activities. These templates can be downloaded, typed into, and saved for your own purposes.

The following templates can also be downloaded and used when conducting simulation activities:

Supporting Resources

There are five simulations presented in this resource. These have been developed by allied health educators from LHDs and SHNs. The simulations can be accessed through The Sim Guide on HETI Online and its supporting documents and resources can be accessed here.