Supporting your team

It’s important that you, as a manager, are using self-care strategies to make sure you are caring for yourself and can demonstrate self-care behaviours to your team. Be aware where staff can access support services or direct them to Caring for yourself and your family resources.

Where possible try and rotate staff from high stress to low stress shifts or activities to avoid burn-out. Initiate and encourage work breaks and if this is not possible, speak to your manager. As you’re observing your staff, assess energy levels, allow for your team to be open about their feelings and take time to acknowledge them and the work they are doing. You don’t have to rush to respond. Pause. Give yourself space to respond in a skilled and kind way.


Resources for supporting Frontline staff


Resources to support remote working arrangements

HETI has developed a suite of resources to support teams who are working in a virtual environment.


Other resources