Caring for your family

For many, family can be a great source of comfort. With current social restrictions, this can mean being together more than usual as a family group and needing to find ways to entertain each other (or not) and manage each other’s coping styles. Following are some thoughts and resources on being in this situation:

Young Children

Children are faced with their own uncertainties including changes in the way they learn, isolation from friends and the loss of extracurricular activities. It’s important to keep a structure and rhythm through routines for exercise, learning, fun and a set bedtime. Signs of anxiety in children may include; misbehaving more than usual, trouble concentrating or struggling to sleep.

Resources to assist them to understand COVID-19 and the situation:



Teenagers are used to a certain level of freedom, often longing for independence, and now must spend a much greater time with family members in the home. The strategies recommended for teenagers in managing change and anxiety are similar for those recommended for adults.

The following links provide a range of self-management strategies for teenagers:


Older Australians

The pandemic travel restrictions and self-isolation may cause particular challenges for older Australians, who may miss regular contact with family, friends or community groups. Below you will find information to support older Australians to stay connected and manage in this time.


Additional resources