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Draw on internal courage

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To have courage does not mean that you never feel afraid; rather it means you feel afraid and move forward by being alongside these emotions.

Below are some suggestions to assist in drawing on that internal courage:
  • Tap into a previous courageous experience: Remember and reflect on a time when you had to be braver than you ordinarily would have and ponder the following questions from that event to cultivate courage muscle memory:

    What internal strengths did you draw on? How could those strengths help you now? How did it feel when you felt afraid and stepped forward anyway? What will happen if you don’t step into this situation and give way to your fear? Consider a small step forward in showing courage that you could do
  • Work toward being comfortable with feeling uncomfortable: If we all stayed in our comfort zone, nothing would change. If we can reframe discomfort as a source of growth and turn the fear into curiosity, it can foster internal strength in the face of the unknown.

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