Resources Under Development

Resources under development

District HETI collaboratively develops online learning resources in response to education and training priorities identified by the Local Health Districts across NSW Health. When complete, these resources are made available to NSW Health staff in My Health Learning.

The following courses are currently being developed by District HETI:

Last updated 21 December 2018






Aboriginal Aged Health

This resource will address issues for Aboriginal older people who require health care. This is expected to contribute to making services more culturally acceptable and relevant to Aboriginal people.

All NSW Health Staff



Autonomic dysreflexia

Online interactive module focussing on Autonomic Dysreflexia which is a physical response that someone may have who has sustained a spinal cord injury above T6. It is a life threatening condition if not treated promptly and effectively. The module will focus on pathophysiology, recognition and treatment of signs and symptoms with 2 scenarios based in the acute and community health setting. Content is predominantly based on the ACI information and treatment algorithm.

All doctors and nursing staff working in an area where patients with spinal cord injuries are part of the demographics. Including the acute setting (emergency departments, theatre, surgical wards) and community setting



Acute Swallow Screening in Stroke - ASSIST TOOL    February
Acute Swallow Screening in Stroke - Dysphagia video    February

Business Writing in Healthcare

Step-by-step writing guides, completed samples and online resources to help create clear, consistent and effective communications for NSW Health.

Health service manager and staff required to write higher level documents.

Responsive website


Concepts of Change Management    
Corporate Records Management    
Cultural competence    
Delirium Gap Analysis    
Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health    
Health Literacy and Teach Back training    

Med+Safe an evaluation

Pilot and evaluation of the Med+Safe eLeanring in five Local Health Districts. Med+Safe is an online module for medication and fluid calculations.

Nurses and Midwives in the five Local Health Districts involved in this pilot.



Nasogastric Insertion    

Qstream mobile spaced learning implementation

This work will address the implementation of Qstream spaced learning tool across NSW Health.

Variety of resources covering Governance, Authoring and MHL LMS processes.

Variety of resources including Qstream software


Resilience and Wellbeing    

Safe Use of High Risk medicines


Rebuilds / Other

Between the Flags    

Code of Conduct

Rebuild of mandatory Code of Conduct module.

NSW Health Staff

eLearning game


Evaluation of Foundation modules and workshop

Evaluating and reporting on the use and relevance of the 9 eLearning modules and face-to-face workshops for new clinical staff.




Getting Started with eLearning Design    
Grievance Management for Managers (Workshop)    
Medical Terminology    

Recruitment and Selection

Identification of the process of recruitment and the roles and responsibilities of panel members and convenors. It will include ways to adapt the recruitment and interview processes to support applicants with special needs.

Staff involved in recruitment processes



Strengthening Foundations    
Violence Prevention and Management