Fully Funded Research and Training Opportunity for Mental Health Professionals

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Applications for the HETI Awards in Psychiatry and Mental Health are now open, and provide opportunities for NSW mental health professionals to complete research or undertake training in an area where little or no training is available.

Dr Rohan Taylor on expectations and motivations to apply for the HETI Awards from HETI on Vimeo.

The HETI Awards greatly exceeded my expectations because it offered me the opportunity to conduct high quality research and the freedom and encouragement to engage with all aspects of my clinical academic work.

Dr Rohan Taylor, 2019 HETI Award recipient.

As a current recipient of the Mental Health Research Award, Dr Taylor conducted a landmark study into the impact of specific variations in anaesthetic technique on Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) outcomes.

“You need a substantial amount of time available to be able to complete this kind of research, and with HETI, I was given the freedom to not only complete my own research but also the space to become an advocate for my discipline,” Dr Taylor said.

ECT is used most commonly for major depression, often when other treatments have failed or an immediate response is required. Unfortunately, public perceptions of the treatment have often been coloured by inaccurate portrayals which have not progressed in line with advancements in treatment technique.

“ECT remains an important treatment and one that can be life saving. We hope that this study will help further refine treatment delivery, by examining a specific area of ECT technique, leading to better patient outcomes,” Dr Taylor said.

Dr Rohan Taylor on the impact the HETI Awards has had on his career from HETI on Vimeo.

The HETI Awards offers clinicians and emerging researchers the opportunity to engage in self-directed research or clinical projects, along with sufficient funding and time to complete large meaningful projects with important outcomes.

Dr Rohan Taylor, 2019 HETI Award recipient.

Application Dates

Applications for the 2021-2022 Award program open on 20 July 2020 and close 17 August 2020.


There are two Award categories:

  • Psychiatry Special Training Award: The Special Training Award provides psychiatry registrars with the opportunity to undertake clinical skills training, providing a valuable opportunity to enhance their skills and deliver better patient outcomes.
  • Mental Health Research Award: The Award in Mental Health Research supports mental health practitioners to develop research skills and provide dedicated time to conduct a research project. It is designed to build on or enhance the research capability of professionals working in the mental health sector.


The one-year Awards are fully funded including covering salary and on-costs to the employers of Award recipients.

Further information and how to apply

For further information including eligibility criteria visit or to apply visit Mental Health Awards.