Interprofessional Series - Gestational Diabetes

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The third webcast session of the four-part Interprofessional Series on 'Diabetes Education and Management in an Aboriginal community' will focus on gestational diabetes. We will explore practical strategies and evidence-based approaches to care, relevant to a wide range of health professionals.

Join our guest presenters below to learn more about gestational diabetes and the impact of cultural approaches that can improve outcomes for Aboriginal mothers and babies. Topics covered in this session include:

  • Overview of the impact of diabetes in communities
  • Gestational diabetes, its diagnosis and impact on the developing child and the child’s future health
  • The pathophysiology of gestational diabetes
  • Management of gestational diabetes
  • Culturally sensitive approaches to supporting Aboriginal mothers and families.

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Our Interprofessional Series are delivered via webcast with facilitated question and answer time.

  • Bullinah Aboriginal Health Service: Jane McDonald (Diabetes Educator) and Olivia Calnan (Child and Family
    Health Nurse)
  • Northern NSW LHD: Carmel Kapeen (Aboriginal Health worker) and Bree Forsyth (Community Midwife)

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You work with Aboriginal families and communities and are interested in diabetes education in rural and remote settings.



Brenda Holt - or 0417 833 917