Let’s YARN about diabetes and how it affects your feet

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The final webcast session of the four-part Interprofessional Series on 'Diabetes Education and Management in an Aboriginal community' will explores evidence-based approaches and practical strategies to identify diabetes-related foot pathology in the community. This session supports the use of culturally-safe foot care to improve engagement with preventative foot care services.

Join our guest presenters below to learn more about health-related outcomes in Aboriginal patients with diabetes-related foot disease and discuss ways to implement screening measures in these communities. Topics covered in this session include:

  • Diabetes-related foot disease - risk factors, foot screening, diagnosis, management and referral pathways.
  • The ‘Healthy Deadly Feet Project’ - a leading better value care initiative in high risk foot disease.
  • Exploring domains of care from Aboriginal Health Workers & Aboriginal Health Practitioners, Allied Health Assistants and Podiatrists
  • Highlighting the Aboriginal Health Practitioner’s role in the approach to community engagement in the diagnostic pathway, care, support and options.

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Our Interprofessional Series are delivered via webcast with facilitated question and answer time.

  • Anna Crawford (Podiatrist and Clinic Co-ordinator, High-Risk Foot Service, SLHD)
  • Charles Davison (Manager of Aboriginal Workforce, Ministry of Health and HDF Co-Chair)
  • Nicola Clemens (A/Principal Allied Health Advisor, Ministry of Health, HDF Co-Chair)
  • Debbie Beahan (Aboriginal Health Practitioner in HDF WNSWLHD)

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You work with Aboriginal families and communities and are interested in diabetes education in rural and remote settings.



Brenda Holt - or 0417 833 917