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The NSW Resident Guide is the next phase of the initiative by the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) to provide greater educational support to prevocational doctors. It expands the foundation provided by the Intern Guide, released to the NSW health system in August 2016.

The NSW Resident Guide is a resource for doctors entering their second year of practice. The Guide targets residents, their educators and supervisors to support the continued education and training of residents throughout post graduate year two.

The focus of review is to ensure the NSW Resident Guide captures the level of practice and progression of skills and performance expected of residents by the end of PGY2. The following are available for review:

  1. Mapping of NSW Resident Guide Draft Learning Outcomes – consisting of the NSW Resident Guide learning outcomes mapped against the Intern Guide learning outcomes. Both sets of learning outcomes have been provided to assist in assessing that the Resident Guide learning outcomes reflect and support the development of the increased clinical practice expected of residents by the end of PGY2. The majority of changes between the Intern Guide and the NSW Resident Guide are contained in the learning outcomes
    Download the NSW Resident Guide Draft Learning Outcomes.
  2. Draft NSW Resident Guide – consisting of learning outcomes, suggested teaching/learning strategies, tools for assessment. The teaching and learning strategies and tools for assessment remain largely unchanged from those of the Intern Guide. A limited number of additions have been made to support the development of leadership and teaching skills, these additions are in bold to assist with review.

Click here Draft NSW Resident Guide.

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