HETI Announces Mental Health Award recipients

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Research into the mental health impact on individuals who have transitioned to work- from- home and an initiative to improve the health of doctors are just two of the recently announced innovative HETI Awards in Psychiatry and Mental Health for 2021.

The Awards help to build a more capable mental health workforce and deliver better patient outcomes across NSW.

Projects will deliver over two Award categories - Psychiatry Special Training and Mental Health Research - and provide opportunities for NSW mental health professionals to complete research or undertake training in an area where little or no training is available.

As a recent recipient of the Special Training Award, Dr Sarah Vanniasingham completed a clinical placement specialising in Aboriginal substance use and mental health.

“With the HETI Awards it gives you the freedom to choose your own area of interest as opposed to doing a specific area that other people are telling you to look at,” Dr Vanniasingham said.

I am delighted to announce the recipients for the HETI Awards in Psychiatry and Mental Health 2021. As in previous years, there’s great diversity across the awarded research and special training projects that will add to both mental health knowledge and the recipients’ capabilities in working for improved mental health outcomes” said Rhonda Loftus Executive Director Mental Health HETI.

View the 2021-2022 HETI Awards recipients


The one-year Awards are fully funded including covering salary and on-costs to the employers of Award recipients.

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For further information including eligibility criteria visit Mental Health Awards.