Funded Research and Training Opportunity for Mental Health Professionals

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HETI Awards recipient research

Applications for the HETI Awards in Psychiatry and Mental Health are now open, and provide opportunities for NSW mental health professionals to complete research or undertake training in an area where little or no training is available.

Updated 18 July 2022

I do believe it is a particular advantage for early-career clinicians and clinical researchers to go through this HETI Award application process. I have benefited from the opportunity to have my project proposal assessed on merit, rather than other elements such as my research experience or the number of my actual publications.

Penelope Monroe, 2019 HETI Award recipient.

As a recipient of the Mental Health Research Award, speech pathologist Penelope Monroe applied for the Award to support her in her PhD journey, and also to assist her work as a speech pathologist.

“It meant I could take funded time away from my clinical role to pursue research goals. In practical terms, I could spend time developing specialist skills and knowledge and contribute to the evidence base of my particular field of work without losing income,” Monroe said.

"The application process itself was easy to follow with useful guidelines around the length of the proposal and its suggested structure.  The guidelines allowed me to demonstrate what I wanted to do through this award experience and to identify my deeper reasons behind the application.

The project I did with HETI support allowed me to develop skills in treatment, study design and execution, and data analysis. I learnt the research skills necessary to bring my project to life, based on the proposal I had submitted,” Monroe said.

Application Dates

Applications for the 2023-2024 Award program open on 18 July 2022 and close 15 August 2022.


There are two Award categories:

  • Psychiatry Special Training Award: The Special Training Award provides psychiatry registrars with the opportunity to undertake clinical skills training, providing a valuable opportunity to enhance their skills and deliver better patient outcomes.
  • Mental Health Research Award: The Award in Mental Health Research supports mental health practitioners to develop research skills and provide dedicated time to conduct a research project. It is designed to build on or enhance the research capability of professionals working in the mental health sector.


The one-year Awards are fully funded including covering salary and on-costs to the employers of Award recipients.

Further information and how to apply

For further information including eligibility criteria visit or to apply visit Mental Health Awards.