New Journal shines spotlight on Health education in practice

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The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) has launched the first issue of the Health Education in Practice: Journal of Research for Professional Learning at its inaugural 2018 Health Education in Practice Symposium.

Launched at the Symposium by Secretary of NSW Health, Ms Elizabeth Koff, and hosted by Sydney University Press, the Journal features articles providing insights on evidence-based practice.

Adjunct Professor Annette Solman’s vision for creating the journal when she commenced as Chief Executive of HETI was to “enhance the profile of education and training that occurs within NSW Health, and draw attention to the need for scholarly evidence-based practice to underpin the different educational approaches used within education program design and delivery”.

The first issue brings together different communities of practice with a variety of insights into education of the health workforce – it’s a sign that Annette’s vision to create and share research-based knowledge is taking shape.

The launch issue includes articles on: Design research by Professor Peter Goodyear; methodology and guide for developing clinically authentic case-based scenarios for online learning programs, by Professor Tim Shaw and co-authors; integrating evidence-based practice into daily work, by Dr Kylie Ann Murphy and co-authors; the impacts of a one-day workshop on attitudes, by Dr Audrey Wang and co-authors; and Professor Paul Bannon and the Hybrid Theatre by Jamaica Eisner.

In the foreword of the Journal, Suzana Sukovic, Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director of Educational Research and Evidence Based Practice at HETI said, “we aim to nurture and develop conversations between professionals at the coalface of educational practice and academics from different disciplines to enrich our collective understanding of the education of the health workforce”.

Our goal at HETI is to ultimately improve patient health outcomes by contributing to a shared pool of knowledge.

The Journal is a free-to-publish, open-access journal. Journal issues will be published biannually with articles published online on a rolling basis. There are two publication streams: Research & Evaluation for double-blind peer-reviewed articles, and Education-in-Practice for shorter pieces about news and insights. The Journal’s Editorial Board encourages contributors from within NSW Health and other educational institutions to further the empirical evidence base regarding best practice.

Researchers, health professionals, educators, health staff and the like are invited to subscribe and contribute to future issues. Read HETI’s inaugural edition of the Journal.