How we can train for emotional resilience in workplace decision-making

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Join us for the next webinar in our Evaluation and Research Webcast Series with Professor Rohan Walker to learn how emotions can impact decision-making in workplaces.

We tend to think workplace decisions, particularly on important issues, are made on a rational basis. In reality, all decisions are shaped by the emotional responses of the decision-maker. Our emotions influence, skew or at times completely determine the outcome of a large number of decisions we make in a day.

The effect of emotion on decisions is often covert and can impact the decision and the decision maker in unseen and uncontrolled ways. If we want to make the best and most objective decisions, it is important to understand the impact of emotions and
their influence on our decision-making.

Professor Rohan Walker will share insights on how we can train for emotional resilience in workplace decision-making and his work with The Australian Defence Force to create new training approaches for emotional resilience and stress management.

Discussion following the webinar will be facilitated by Professor Balakrishnan (Kichu) Nair AM.

Download flyer for more information about the speakers and facilitator.


  • Explain the positive and negative impacts on individuals and organisations when emotions influence decisions in unseen and uncontrolled ways
  • Interpret the scope and nature of training systems designed to improve the ability of staff to understand and control the impact of emotions on decision making.

All healthcare leaders, managers and decision-makers.

The webinar will be recorded and made available on the Evaluation and Research Webcast Series page, for those who cannot attend the live presentation.

Luciano Melo
Senior Program Manager, Research and Journal Management
Education Strategy, Research and Evaluation

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