Satellite Classrooms

Providing equitable access to education and training for NSW Health staff in rural and remote communities.

More than 2.2 million people live in rural NSW, 28% of the NSW population.

Seven out of 15 Local Health Districts (LHDs) are comprised of mostly rural areas, covering more than 775,000 square kilometres.

The satellite classrooms approach supports the delivery of the NSW Rural Health Plan Strategy One: Enhance the Rural Workforce. This focuses on attracting and retaining a skilled workforce to deliver quality health care services for rural and remote communities.

Our approach

HETI partners with NSW Health organisations to implement satellite classrooms, an innovative remote delivery model.

The satellite classroom utilises eLearning synchronous technology and interactive learner engagement software to connect participants in a location with those in another. Two or more classrooms in different locations run simultaneously.


Past participants agree that attending a supported satellite classroom provided them with the same learning experience as a face-to-face classroom.

Geographical location need not impact access to education and training.

The technology available can be utilised to provide a flexible, interactive learning experience for staff in rural health services.